A Full Line of Bulk Gases

AWG employs leading application engineers and bulk service technicians to create customized bulk solutions for every industry.  By analyzing your usage, future needs and business processes, we devlop bulk implementation strategies from concept to Installation.  

Available bulk products include:

  • Argon
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Helium
  • Hydrogen
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Propane

Is bulk gas the right solution for you?

  • Gas Storage Selection Guide ImageCost Savings up to 25%
  • Fewer deliveries
  • Fewer invoices
  • Alleviates cylinder rental
  • Reduced product loss
  • Dependability
  • Telemetry Monitoring
  • Auto-reordering
  • On time deliveries
  • Continuous flow of gas
  • No run outs, No downtime
  • Trackability
  • Monthly, daily, hourly usage reports
  • Improved Safety
  • No handling of compressed gas cylinders
  • Vendor managed system

Engineering your Bulk System


From conceptual design to installation, our highly trained team of technicians is second to none.  With over 90 years of combined experience, they ensure your installation is on schedule with no interruption of service. We pay particular attention to safety and procure all necessary permits prior to installation. Our bulk system designs not only meet your current needs but also allow for expansion as your usage increases. Our technicians proactively monitor and maintain your bulk system to ensure continuous and uninterrupted operation.


Telemetry Monitor ImageBulk Tank Telemetry Systems

Telemetry units can be mounted on customer bulk tanks that will send PSI or liquid level readings, so we can provide daily monitoring of your bulk storage content.  Telemetry monitoring lets us know that you are low on product, even before you do.  We take a proactive approach to your gas supply.  When monitoring indicates your supply is low, our auto re-ordering system ensures that a fresh supply of product is dispatched to prevent a shortage for your crytical applications.  


In addition, monthy usage reports are supplied to help your budgetting and forecasting.

Telemetry Data Report IMage

Multiple suppliers ensure availability

AWG has "First in Class" expertise in gas supply to ensure product availability and flexibility for our customers.  Our supply chain includes multiple production sites across the country which allows us to leverage our state-of-the-art communications and information systems to ensure RELIABLE, SAFE and EFFICIENT delivery of gases to any customer, anywhere.

With our established partnerships with other national and independent gas distributors, production labs and air separation facilities we are able to maximize these relationships to ensure a continuous supply of product to meet your demand in the rare event of a regional or national product shortage.

Bulk Options


Horizontal Bulk Tank Image


Bulk Liquid Tanks

Bulk liquid tanks are commonly used for storage of liquified nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide. They can be vertical (left) or horizontal (below). They are designed to supply product at a constant set pressure with a flow that varies with the customer’s demand.



AWG Micro Bulk Tank Image


Micro Bulk Liquid Tanks

MicroBulk liquid tanks are commonly used for storage of liquified nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide. Customers who use this solution have needs that exceed normal high pressure cylinder usage, yet do not have the needs of a large bulk tank. The advantage of a MicroBulk tank over cylinders are less venting of gas and less residual loss. In addition, there is no cylinder handling by employees resulting in improved efficiency and a safer work environment. Micro Bulk is often used in high pressure Laser applications.

Tube Trailer Image


Tube Trailers

Bulk supply in Tube Trailers is commonly used for storage of gaseous hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, helium, and argon. Customers who use this solution typically have short or long term applications to cover increased gas demands. Tube Trailers are also used during the conversion process from cylinders to another bulk option. Other gases can be supplied in Tube Trailers as required. Speak to an American Welding & Gas representative about your needs.

Bulk Liquid Trailer image


Bulk Liquid Trailers

Bulk liquid trailers is a portable bulk solution with a trailer mounted tank and vaporizer. Customers who utilize this bulk option typically have temporary needs such as bulk tank changeouts, pipeline installations or construction sites where tube trailers are not ideal.


Call your AWG Sales Representative to discuss your system needs. Big savings could be a call away.