You Can Breath Easy!

Because the medical industry plays a vital role in the lives of each and every one of us, we understand the importance of supplying only the highest-quality medical equipment and gases that are certified pure. Our continued experience in the healthcare industry gives us the abilities, resources and expertise needed to be your local source for high-quality medical gases in North America. It’s our mission to tend to your needs – so you can tend to your patients’.

From clinical laboratories to hospitals to EMS, American Welding & Gas has medical gases including Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Nitrogen, clinical blood gas mixtures, medical laser mixtures, and more. These medical gases are guaranteed to follow FDA and GMP regulations and are assured pure to meet all of your industry needs.

Broad line of gas package options

Optimize savings by choosing the right gas package for each medical gas application. AWG can ensure the quality of gas from gas source to end point, by helping you select the best gas equipment and delivery system for the application.  Our packaged medical gases come in a range of cylinder sizes or bulk liquid options.  Talk to one of our sales representatives today to find a solution that meets your needs.

Our Quality is documented and tracked

All products meet or exceed FDA Board of Pharmacy requirements for producing, packaging and traceability for all gases used in medical applications.

Personal service by industry experts

Our Sales Representatives are available to answer your questions and support your gas application requirements. Our trained staff is equipped to prepare high-accuracy pure, mixed and special medical application gases, when you need them.

Servicing the providers

AWG  understands the homecare business and its challenges. By listening to our homecare provider customers, we have established a level of service that enhances value and benefit to their patients. With prompt delivery of both gaseous and liquid oxygen, our customers have come to rely on our accurate and dependable service, regulatory compliance and supply chain efficiency.

Bulk Liquid Oxygen U.S.P.

AWG designs, installs and maintains all of our liquid oxygen U.S.P. bulk storage facilities. Each bulk storage facility is custom designed to provide a cost-effective solution while being compliant with all municipal codes and NFPA standards.

System sizing and design – Bulk Oxygen systems can be designed in many configurations. We’ll find out the unique needs of each medical facility and provide recommendations based upon the following critical factors:

  • Number of beds at the facilities
  • Geographic location
  • Historic, current and future consumption trends
  • Available space for a Cryogenic Storage System
  • Safety factors surrounding the site
  • Accessibility of the site for transport deliveries