Dry ice is available at many AWG stores! To check the availability in your area, please contact your local AWG store or click the “Contact Us” button to email customer service for more information.

Dry Ice is pure, solid carbon dioxide that keeps items colder for much longer than traditional “wet” ice. Caution should always be used when handling dry ice because of its extreme cold temperature (109 degrees below zero). It should never be left unattended around children and persons handling dry ice should wear protective clothes, gloves, and eyewear. Before using dry ice you should familiarize yourself with all safety precautions involving storage, handling and transportation.

AWG sells Dry Ice in both block and pellet form to a wide variety of industries for multiple uses.


  • Medical
  • Clinical
  • Food Services
  • Manufacturing


  • Food storage during power outages
  • Mosquito Traps
  • Transporting trophy game or fish
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Extended life of “wet ice” in coolers