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You need cost-effective fuel to meet your needs. AWG has the best answer for you!

Competitive prices – AWG is a major purchaser of propane from multiple sources. Call your local AWG store or our Customer Service team for pricing and availability.

High quality– AWG’s filtering system used on our bulk propane ensures you will not receive excessive oil, moisture and other contaminants.

Broad range of gas packages– AWG fills 20 to 100 pound portable cylinders at our stores and 500 gallon and larger bulk tanks with our propane truck fleet. Customer-operated pump stations, located at the customer’s facilities, are available for refilling propane cylinders.

Bulk propane pump stations for propane cylinders–Substantial cost savings can be realized from our turn-key customer operated propane pump station program.

Benefits include:

  • Improved Savings when you purchase bulk propane
  • Increased Control over when your propane cylinders are refilled
  • Trained AWG staff install the pump station and provide pump station procedure & safety training at your site