Per 40CFR60 and 40CFR75, CEMs (Continuous Emissions Monitoring) systems for gaseous pollutants must be calibrated and audited with gas standards that are directly traceable to NIST Reference Standards.

Today, many industries are required to strictly monitor environmental pollution and use high precision calibration standards to obtain accurate measurements. Scott-Gross Company, Inc. offers a complete line of EPA Protocol Environmental Compliance Standards for power generation and other industries.

We offer the minimum EPA required /- 2% analytical accuracy as well as /- 1% analytical accuracy used for Relative Accuracy Test Audits. Our EPA protocol gases passed every assessment in a 2010 blind audit. Experienced in working with power generation facilities from Florida to Colorado, we understand how critical accurate calibration of CEMs are. By consulting with the end user, we tailor a service program that reduces lengthy lead times and the hassle and expense of common carriers to deliver and remove cylinders.

EPA Protocol Gas Mixtures

EPA Protocol Mixtures are manufactured to stringent EPA specifications and procedures, utilizing the most advanced cylinder preparation procedures.  These mixtures are then analyzed with NIST traceable standards.  Aluminum cylinders are recommended for maximum shelf life.