American Welding & Gas, Inc. (AWG) Acquires Sexton Welding Supply Co., Inc. - Huntsville, AL

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Huntsville, Alabama. December 13, 2021.  We are pleased to welcome the team at Sexton Welding Supply Co., Inc. to American Welding & Gas, Inc. (“AWG”), one of the nation’s largest independently owned producer and distributor of industrial, medical and specialty gases. Sexton Welding Supply Co., Inc. (“SWS”) is a distributor of industrial and medical gases and safety supplies with locations in northern Alabama and southern Tennessee. Started in Huntsville Alabama in 1972, the company has grown to three locations in Huntsville, AL, Hollywood, AL and Tullahoma, TN. SWS is currently directed by Carolyn Sexton, Joel Sexton and Dianne Johnson—the wife, son and daughter of the SWS founder, Thomas Sexton—and their children, Alison Worley and Brandon Sexton.  


“Today we are honored to welcome the family and employees of Sexton Welding Supply Company to our family at American Welding & Gas Inc.  For over 50 years, the Sexton family and their team have built a strong presence and impeccable reputation in northern Alabama and southern Tennessee.  Combined, we are well-positioned for continued growth and expansion in the region.  Our thanks and appreciation to Carolyn, Joel, and Brandon Sexton, Dianne Johnson and Allison Worley for their faith in choosing AWG as a partner.  We are excited about our future together.”  - Jason Krieger, President & CEO AWG


“Other companies have approached us in the past, but when AWG initially contacted us with their interest, things felt different, more familiar to where we came from in the beginning. We did not decide to sell Sexton Welding Supply and Sexton Safety Shoe—we decided to sell Sexton Welding Supply and Sexton Safety Shoe to AWG. That is an important distinction. AWG has profound respect for the customer relationships and culture we have built and taken to the market and for our incredible team. AWG is not buying Sexton for our individual components, but for the whole. We believe we can move faster and with more impact by leveraging AWG’s scale and resources.” – Joel Sexton, Vice President of SWS

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